Fractaal 2013 16 w

(November 14, 2017)

Yesterday, the board of the Van den Broek-Nolte Foundation decided to purchase a sculpture by the artist Sjoerd Buisman from the Natura 2017 exhibition.

It is the sculpture "Fractal Work 2013/16", on this photo to be seen as it was placed in the exhibition.

The sculpture is representative of Buisman's oeuvre. An oeuvre that developed from Phyllotaxis to Fractal via the spiral.

This statue is made of welded steel, and is the first of an edition of three.

He is not currently in Bredelar, waiting for the completion of the new exhibition hall.





Fractaal Werk 2013-16

Sjoerd Buisman

Welded steel 291 x 95 x 95 cm

Collection Van den Broek-Nolte

Loan to Kloster Bredelar