On Sunday 21 June 2015, during a small ceremony, the sculpture "Stier” (Bull) by the Madfelder sculptor Boris Sprenger, was transferred to Kloster Bredelar on long-term loan.

The Foundation van den Broek-Nolte has acquired the work, which was last year in the Dutch-German exhibition in the monastery. It is the first sculpture for a German-Dutch sculpture-centre, which in the monastery is to become realized.  Of the many strong German contributions this sculpture was selected because it embodies the idea, that it will fill the old walls of the monastery with a lot of energy and creativity.  The initiator Dirk van den Broek unveiled the sculpture together with Boris Sprenger.  This was followed by the official transfer to Ms Anne Degenhardt, President of the Förderverein Kloster Bredelar e.V.   

At the exhibition turned out, according to Dr Jeroen Damen, the project coordinator, that the "Stier" has proven to stay afloat in an international environment of exciting and surprising sculptures. The fact that the sculptor itself derives from the region, has made the choice even more attractive.

Boris Sprengers work shows a pounding Bull, which a hoof stomps in the ground and winds up all his energy diagonally.  The artist is very satisfied with the bronze, which was cast by the renowned Glocken-und Kunstgiesserei Petit & Gebr. Edelbrock in Gescher.
It was for the sculptor not an ordinary luxury, to be allowed to create a sculpture, without compromise, for the exhibition in 2014. When he then was nominated as the winner and could make casting and patination after his own idea, he was very pleased. The colourful patinas, in close consultation with Karin Wols by her own hands made onto the sculpture, is unique.  At the sculpture an informative free brochure appeared.

In 2016 another sculpture exhibition will be held, of works by German and Dutch sculptors, in Bredelar. On June 28, 2015, two new curators for 2016 were selected by an expert jury, during a symposium in Sculpture Institute ‘Beelden aan Zee’, in Scheveningen in the Netherlands.


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Sculptuur „Stier“ by Boris Sprenger, 2014, Bronze, foto © Raphael Sprenger
Unveiling the sculpture „Stier“ by Dirk van den Broek, Initiator of Sculpture Bredelar and the artist Boris Sprenger. (Photo: Liesbeth Klerken)