From the moment that the idea of an exhibition in Bredelar started taking shape, I spoke with Jeroen Damen about the possibility of constructing this exhibition as a poem.
The beauty of a poem lies in the way every single word influences the interpretation of the other words. Every single word contributes to the whole. The significance of the entire poem can differ from what is suggested by the individual words.

This fact can also be used to organise an exhibition. The significance of each individual work is important. The individual sculptures colour the meaning of the other works. The coherence of the works contributes to the overall significance of the exhibition.

There are many other parallels between a poem and the organisation of an exhibition: the cadence of the elements, the silences and spaces in between, and the repetition, in (visual) rhyme or otherwise. Other parallels are the relation of the artworks to the surrounding space and the way the sculpture collection as a whole relates to the building: In is at these points that the organisation of the exhibition touches directly on the (historical) background that Carlijn Diesfeldt will prepare.

It would be wonderful if visitors are initially overwhelmed by the size of the building and subsequently take in details of the artworks and the building. In the end, the visitors can then return to the 'normal' world enriched. Perhaps visitors will enter through the back door, like old acquaintances, and leave the building through the main entrance, having experienced a poem to which they have attached a personal interpretation through their own associations.

Now that the first selection of artists has been made, the studio visits can begin. These visits will focus more specifically on the artworks and their backgrounds. With every individual visit the visual poem is fine-tuned a little more.

This will be an exciting journey, asking ourselves which are the works in which we perceive a resonance with the larger whole, and which, in their mutual cohesion, tell just that story we find important, reflect the character of the building, and give us insight into the current world of sculpture. Even though we won't yet know ourselves what this visual poem will look like at the start of the process.

An exciting journey for the organisation, for the artists involved and for ourselves.

Corrie van de Vendel
November 2013

copyright Corrie van de Vendel