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A scale model of the design is created. 


The architect has offered generous, to the exhibition in a 3D animation, for display on the computer screen. We are happy to take that offer.


. But in addition, we attach to a ' life ' model, because the space and the development of sculpture in a real scale model however is different.

Fractaal 2013 16 w

(November 14, 2017)

Yesterday, the board of the Van den Broek-Nolte Foundation decided to purchase a sculpture by the artist Sjoerd Buisman from the Natura 2017 exhibition.

It is the sculpture "Fractal Work 2013/16", on this photo to be seen as it was placed in the exhibition.

The sculpture is representative of Buisman's oeuvre. An oeuvre that developed from Phyllotaxis to Fractal via the spiral.

This statue is made of welded steel, and is the first of an edition of three.

He is not currently in Bredelar, waiting for the completion of the new exhibition hall.





Fractaal Werk 2013-16

Sjoerd Buisman

Welded steel 291 x 95 x 95 cm

Collection Van den Broek-Nolte

Loan to Kloster Bredelar


It goes ahead in monastery-Bredelar! The restoration of the South Wing is the next big project of the Förderverein. This will make the facade of the former monastery building, seen from the Sauerlandstraße/B7, change considerably and much enhanced. There are extensive interventions planned in this part of the complex to get open to the public.

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November 8, 2017 this photo came in, with the following message: "Fortunately, the weather is not bothering us, and work is progressing as planned. The substructure for the south wing hall floorplate was created, that is, the 3 concrete foundations on the ground floor walls.  If the iron girders are made within the next two weeks and if everything goes according to plan, the concrete work for the erection of the roof can be carried out in about 3 weeks. "


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AusstelungshalleWP2This restoration is made possible by a generous gift from the bequest of Anne Nolte, who died last year.

Anne van den Broek-Nolte, born in Bredelar, and still known of the former ' Haus-Nolte', always felt very connected with the monastery and her contact with her homeland, despite her move to Netherlands, never got lost. Shortly before her premature death, she proposed this contribution to the new building plan.
Mr van den Broek brought this message of his deceased wife in July 2016 to the Förderverein Kloster Bredelar. With great thanks the donation is accepted, to build in memory of Anne Nolte from the ruinous buildingpart a new useful and aesthetic ' South Wing '. There will be focused on a combination of what must be preserved, in conjunction with modern adaptations.

For the renovation was a new law partnership founded: the Kloster Bredelar Bau gGmbH, and the first promising plans have already been forged. On the base of the former South wing, there was built after the Second World War a new floor. This presses with its construction on the remaining cross vault. Fortunately, the pedestal still stands and it will be resurrected in its former lustre. Parts build up after the Second World War will disappear and be replaced by an exhibition hall, made up of a steel structure with glass.

Before construction can begin, the adjacent walls, the ends of the cloisters and the adjacent floors, will be set free. Then there will also exciting clues appear, on the level and the design of the former entrance hall and on the heights of the cloister on the first floor. The further planning will be made on the basis of the ongoing research, to restore the valuable parts of the South Wing and make them visible.

So it is and remains exciting in the monastery of Bredelar. The Förderverein looks forward to the further project, which will mean a great milestone in the restoration of the former convent and Theodorshütte. For the time being it is planning to start building in the middle of 2017. The new exhibition hall with the impressive dimensions of 26 meters length at 15 metres width and a height of 9.30 meters, then should be ready in May 2018.
(Translation J. Damen)


AusstelungshalleWP1v.L.: Luzia Stuhldreier und Andreas Hesse (Bestuur Förderverein Kloster Bredelar e.V. und Bau gGmbH), Eckhard Lohmann (Architect), Anne Degenhardt (Voorzitter van de  Förderverein), Dirk van den Broek, Marita Veith (zakelijk leider Begegnungs- und Kulturzentrum Kloster Bredelar) und Markus Pape (Bestuurslid Förderverein) voor de zuidvleugel in zijn tegenwoordige staat. Foto: Bettina Mander


On Sunday 21 June 2015, during a small ceremony, the sculpture "Stier” (Bull) by the Madfelder sculptor Boris Sprenger, was transferred to Kloster Bredelar on long-term loan.

From the moment that the idea of an exhibition in Bredelar started taking shape, I spoke with Jeroen Damen about the possibility of constructing this exhibition as a poem.
The beauty of a poem lies in the way every single word influences the interpretation of the other words. Every single word contributes to the whole. The significance of the entire poem can differ from what is suggested by the individual words.

This sculpture, simply called ‘Stier’, is the first sculpture in the future Kloster Bredelar sculpture centre, a Dutch-German collaboration project, set up by Stichting Van den Broek-Nolte.