On Friday 7 August 2015, our dear source of inspiration Anne van den Broek-Nolte passed away. Anne was born in Bredelar, Germany, but as the wife of Mr van den Broek, she had lived in the Netherlands for a long time. Together with her husband, she set up the Stichting Van den Broek-Nolte and the Sculptuur Bredelar/Skulptur Bredelar project.

She was the driving force behind the scenes. Quietly and unassumingly, she was involved heart and soul in her native region, Hoch Sauerland, and in the international collaboration between Germany and the Netherlands. This collaboration took concrete shape as the sculpture project at the abbey of Bredelar, just a few hundred metres from her childhood home.

Anne was an exceptionally strong and dynamic woman, who helped set up many social and community initiatives. She was active in a variety of fields and was loved by all for her warm-hearted humanity. Typically, she followed the sculpture project very closely, while giving management great leeway. Every decision, every proposal could count on her critical, yet positive input, through which she generously shared her opinions. This defined her broadminded approach, because apart from her general interest in the arts, she understood the international and regional significance of the collaboration which actually came about through the sculpture project.

She bravely dealt with her terminal illness, which manifested suddenly in Anne in early 2015, while remaining actively involved in all her community activities for as long as possible. As for the Sculptuur Bredelar/Skulptur Bredelar project, her premature passing has meant that we have been carrying on its development emphatically in her spirit. We miss her dearly.

Jeroen Damen