Sculpture Bredelar is a young centre for contemporary sculpture in a historic monastery in Bredelar, Germany. With an annual sculpture exhibition the institute shows contemporary art in a monumental setting. The mission of Sculpture Bredelar is to demonstrate the vitality of new sculpture and to support young talent.   
Sculpture Bredelar is an initiative of Stichting Van den Broek-Nolte.
Partners: Rotary Club Brilon-marsberg and Förderverein Kloster Bredelar.


Jeroen Damen, project leader: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


D. van den Broek (President)
S. Aris (Secretary)
B. Smit (Treasurer)


Kloster Bredelar is located in the German village of Bredelar, a narrow valley of the river Hoppecke in the municipality of Marsberg, in the eastern part of Sauerland. The village itself is best known for its huge historical Monastery that already is there since the early middle ages. That monastery is starting from 2014 as a new place for modern sculpture from Germany and Netherlands.

The monastery of Bredelar has a turbulent history with wars and fires. In 1170 the Archbishop of Cologne founded Kloster Bredelar as a monastery for Premonstratenserin nuns. In 1196 the monastery was taken over by the new Archbishop, Adolf von Altena, who turned it  into a monastery for Cistercians, aiming for the economic, intellectual and spiritual growth of North-East Sauerland. They survive fires, wars and other disaster; in the early 19th century secularism will make the monastery deflating.

Iron melting and casting
After 1804 the monastery is abandoned by the monks and it is used for agricultural purposes. Then there is an iron foundry and smelter where large machine parts, construction elements, iron frames and stoves are made. In the outbuildings are smaller companies, and during the second world war, some parts of the monastery were converted into apartments.  

Förderverein Kloster Bredelar
In the second half of the 20th century, the state of the monastery deteriorates. In order to stop that process is established in 2000, the ' Förderverein Kloster Bredelar’, friends of Monastery Bredelar. The goal: the monastery complex restoration and use as a cultural centre. The deployment of the Förderverein delivers results. The former Abbey Church and most of the West Wing of the complex have been restored. Since October 2008 the West Wing used as a meeting place and cultural centre where guided tours, lectures, dinners and brunches, courses and workshops are organized.  

Sculpture Bredelar

Since 2014 is Kloster Bredelar a new Centre for contemporary sculpture of German and Dutch artists. A sculpture park of international standing will be built up over time; the annual sculpture exhibition with all kinds of activities will further strengthen the position of the cultural and monumental monastery.

It is now official and we are looking forward to it:

As the first loyal partner, the Rotary Club Brilon-Marsberg joined.

On Friday 7 August 2015, our dear source of inspiration Anne van den Broek-Nolte passed away. Anne was born in Bredelar, Germany, but as the wife of Mr van den Broek, she had lived in the Netherlands for a long time. Together with her husband, she set up the Stichting Van den Broek-Nolte and the Sculptuur Bredelar/Skulptur Bredelar project.