Bredelar Paper #1 is there!

Havelaar, Minke (2016), Contemporary Sculpture in The Netherlands and Germany,
will be handed over at your visit to the exhibition Hybrid Mode in Bredelar (still up to and including July 31, 2016)

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With a collection of essays by German and Dutch curators, the Bredelar Paper series brings together various expert perspectives on modern day sculpture.
Bredelar paper #1 presents the vision of six upcoming curators as discussed during a symposium in Museum beelden aan Zee, The Hague (NL) in 2015.
Their essays provided the theoretical framework for Skulptur|Sculptuur Bredelar's 2016 exhibition 'Hybrid Modus', in bredelar, Germany

Design David Ortiz Juan.

Essays by  Authors:

Bas Hendrikx

Jaap Nijstad

Ursula Ströbele

Julia-Katharina Thiemann

Elejan van der Velde

Sya van 't Vlie



Havelaar, Minke, (2016,) Contemporary Sculpture in The Netherlands and Germany

Bilingual edition, German and English
(translations NL-Connection, Liesbeth Klerken and Gerhard Marckshaus, Bremen; Fundalingua, Karin Denzler, Haarlem)
Hoorn (NL) Projectbureau NL, Skulptur|Sculptuur Bredelar
ISBN 978-90-79706-00-6